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Embrace Your Essence - Unleash Your Power

Punani Productions podcast transforms taboos surrounding sex, darkness and transformation through inspirational personal stories. A place for you to find solace just by listening. Hosted by LOVE Queen Layla, a professional dominatrix language (Mandarin /ESL) + sex educator, performer and speaker - topics include sex, love, relationships, kink/BDSM/alternative lifestyles, LGBTQIA life, living with STIs, ending shame around sexuality, bodily autonomy, positive sexuality and pleasure as your birthright.

Use this portal to liberate yourself , reclaim self love and empowerment and realize personal freedom.

Awaken your aural senses, cherish who you are & Raise Your Vibration!

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Embrace Your Essence

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About a year and a half ago I went through open heart surgery and am still in recovery. Because of everything that’s going on with the virus and so on I’ve been extremely stressed. Since I’ve been listening to LOVE Queen Layla's podcast it's not only made me less stressful, I feel calm and relaxed. I've known her for a long time and she’s always been an amazing person, beautiful inside and out. Listening to the podcast actually made My heart rate go down and it's helping with my health as well.
If you’re in a stressful situation like me, even if you have things on your mind that you want to try to forget, definitely listen to the podcast. It’s one of the most amazing soothing relaxing experiences. Keep up the great work and God bless.

John Thomas - JT Talent Enterprises

"Love, love, love the episodes!"

Fabien Woodley - NYC

"PUREEEEE LOVEEEEEE!!!! THANK YOU QUEEN!!! I had my own punani production May 20, 2020 our SUN FINALLY ARRIVED!!! and to be honest it was scary to my body, my emotional body and sexual body felt pretty traumatized as I had a natural birth. I've never used my body in this way before and I understand now it was a deep and heavy physical experience that requires healing and this podcast was a beautiful thing to add to my healing regiment as well!!! As I go within to listen to my body I play an episode of PPP and feel calming beautiful healing vibrations continue to flow over me!!! Your voice is like water!!! Even baby Neon started dozing off with a lil smile on his face!! Bless you Sistar!!

Iman Ture - Ethiopia


Bajah from Dry Eye Crew



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